Tuesday, December 17, 2013

RC Play day.

Had an opportunity to spend a few hours with the kiddo today learning to use some new RC gear.  First up was the ECX 1:18 scale Torment.  My son and I run 1:10 scale cars in several categories, and both have 1:8 scale buggies.  I really didn't have much hope for the tiny little ECX, but it was actually a blast to drive.  about 20 m.p.h. for a top speed is pretty quick for a car this size and it turns IMMEDIATELY if you crank the wheel around.  For beginners it would be a total blast.   Even for experienced drivers it's more fun than you would expect!

The other plaything was my new DJI Phantom V 1.1.2 - I love this quadcopter.  I am still trying to get good enough at flying (smooooth) for video, but it's fun to just zoom it around the yard sans camera.  My son was the pilot on these shots...  so if my semi wild  thing 7 year old can fly it you can too.  Plenty of reviews out there so here I am just going to show it off!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cathleen & Louis 12.14.13 - Skylight Chapel

I have been looking forward to the big day for Cathleen and Louis...  The chose one of my favorite places to shoot in Skylight Chapel - perfect for an intimate ceremony such as they had planned.  A little rain came into the plans and kept us indoors - but that just means more good luck for the happy couple!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Chloe & John Engages - Falls Park & Riverwalk

I love this couple!

I love it when magic just happens with a couple... it happened when Chloe and John interacted and played for the camera...  As a matter of fact the entire session was magical!  We had rain for days and the clouds parted just as we were about to start shooting - It could not have been better had it been scripted :-)

I cannot wait to see the wedding day magic at the Bleckley Inn!

( I think that is a new record for exclamation points - but just to be sure !!!!)

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