Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OK, so we have a leaf Blower, 4 smoke bombs & a stunning model....

All we need now is a train car and ten yeards of fabric...  

Jon had a vision (probably one too many Monster Energy drinks... or as he calls 'em "photographers vitamin water") of Christi on a train car with a motion look.  He rousts me before my natural wakey wakey routine and tells me to "grab a leaf blower and head to the train car."  I get the concept/idea and take off to find smoke making supplies that won't light the greasy train afire and immolate us all.  In the meantime Jon gets the lights rigged and comes up with a great lighting scheme.  Add a leafblower to pyro and TaaaDaaaaaaaa  :-)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jake and Caroline at the waterfront in Charleston

So far this is the early favorite from our great E session this weekend in Charleston....  Of course there are about two hundred more to look over and edit still!  Once J & C have a chance to look the rest over I'll ask about putting a few more up from this great session with an AWESOME couple...  stay tuned.

Monday, November 21, 2011

A run to Twin falls.

Had a fun little time window open up today so we ran to Twin Falls for a fast set of HDR shots with storm clouds... Any of you that know me know how much I lightstalk...  Today was a stalking feast!

Thanks Robin!

One of our favorite photographers Robin from shot this pic of me demo-ing a pose for our clients...  loved this shot and I really really prefer to be on the other side of the camera.  If you are one of those folks above the Mason Dixon line give her a call!  (We'll keep ya for ourselves if you are down south!)

Charleston! One of our favorite destinations.

Jon and I worked this weekend down in Charleston SC with one of our favorite photographers Robin of RB photography.  One of our fantastic wedding couples Caroline and Jake brought us down for an engagement session that included the cobblestone streets, waterfront park, a beautiful little B&B and the Citadel for our locations.  Incredible couple and fantastic locations in one of the greatest cities on earth...  this shoot rocked!  Edits forthcoming of the engagement shoot, but for now here are a few fun shots we did down on the coast.

Just to have a different sort of look on the walk around shots I went to High Dynamic range Imaging for these...  we take multiple exposures at different shutter speeds and then combine them to create shots that couldnt exist straight out of a normal digital camera....  we can put bright sun and the deepest shade in the same shots  :-)

Lots more to come!

Wow, so now I'm blogging.

We are often asked about what we do...  what its like to be a photographer.  Living the jetset rock and roll lifestyle....   well after much poking and prodding Jonathan Torres and I (Todd Williams) are finally going to set down some of the great experiences we have in this remarkable field.  Up Next...  Charleston!