Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Photographers

Todd Williams

Todd's life has been consumed by his passion for cameras since the late 80's.  For almost three decades he has garnered the knowledge to capture the perfect photograph in virtually any situation.  Through his keen attention to detail he can find light, create light, or blend natures light with strobes to create the perfect image.  Away from photography Todd is passionate about raising his son and animal rescue.  He believes that showing compassion for the defenseless is one of the key elements in raising his son into a well rounded young man.  Pit Bulls are his primary focus in animal rescue and he strives to shed light on this misunderstood and much maligned breed.

Bess Krstovic

Bess' love of photography has been with her from high school.  She always considered it a hobby but decided to learn more. Bess attended Greenville Tech to get a foundation for her photography. Through the years she has attended seminars and workshops in Santa Fe, Maine and NYC where being with fellow photographers and instructors always inspires her talent.  Her love of street shooting somehow brought her to weddings and portraits. She is constantly searching for those moments that can be captured into  a visual memory and treasured for years.  For Bess, on location or in a studio, creating an image is magical.

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